Unsung Hero Jeri Johnston and Meeting Recap

The Exchange Club honored Jeri Johnston as an Unsung Hero this morning for her work as creator of the Artists of Christian Talent (ACT) program at Lake Highlands Methodist Church in 1976, or some 39 years ago. She was nominated by club President Greg Duval.   About 2,500 area students have had the opportunity to participate in annual Broadway-style musicals at the church.  This year’s presentation is the Disney musical “High School Musical” which will open on February 13.  Jeri’s idea and foresight has resulted in a lasting legacy.  She and husband Bob are longtime Exchange Club members.

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Greg Duval, Bob and Jeri Johnston, Larry Engel, Paula Davis, Sabrina Hancock and Jill Jackson-Sears

Our featured speaker was Jim Fox, long time Fox Sports Network reporter. He is a friend of club member Tim Halwas.  Jim entertained the audience with various anecdotes about his career.

Jim Fox

Tim Halwas and Jim Fox