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Membership Application Form

We are delighted that you have chosen to join the premier service club in the Lake Highlands area, and look forward to your participation in our myriad of projects and events as well as your comradeship. We want you to know what your ongoing financial responsibilities are to ECLH:

We bill for dues each month in the amount of $75/month (as of 7/1/2023). The dues include the cost of the breakfast served at the weekly Friday meetings as well as the annual Officer Induction and Christmas Party events. Guests (including spouses) are welcome to attend these events.

To reduce the amount of paperwork for all parties, the Club requires payment through the use of a credit card or debit card authorization. Please be advised the ECLH does not accept American Express as a payment method, but other cards are welcomed.

Although we hope this will not happen, there may come a time in the future when you determine you are no longer able to continue as an active member of ECLH. In that event, we require that all persons resigning from the club bring their dues obligations current. Should you elect to resign, you must notify the club in writing. Your letter may be addressed to the current President, Treasurer, or Membership Director, and may be mailed to their personal residence (addresses available on the club website) or to the post office box address noted above. To avoid any issues, please retain a copy of your correspondence. Once we receive your letter, we will confirm your wishes in writing.

Please feel free to contact the Director of Membership with any questions.

ECLH Membership application form